A Week Across Greece

I can’t help but notice that I do write about my travels after it become a distant memory. I have tried several times to do this blog entry right after the trip, but why is it that every time I would, I had reminisced so much that I ended up daydreaming with nothing to put into words. A month had passed and only now that I can write all of these in one sitting. With face mask on and feet up the headboard, here’s what went to my first ever visit to Europe!

I’ve been wanting to go to Europe for as long as I can remember but i didn’t think that I’d be visiting Greece first. Probably because there are more mainstream destinations that the media fed us, or could also be because I was initially planning to tick some neighbouring Asian countries first before flying elsewhere.

BUT HOLY SH*! Greece left me speechless! A week of touring across this country was truly breathtaking. I was supposed to be feeling a little worn out from an 18 hour flight from Hong Kong, but I’m telling you, it was all worth it. We started our trip in Athens where I had my first authentic Greek meal! And then headed to Mykonos where I had seen one of the most beautiful Spring season; And of course in Santorini where seeing the Caldera in real life is much more superb than those we see in Instagram! 😛



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If you’re anything like me who fancies a lot of sightseeing and finding great eats around town, then Electra Palace is also for you! It is located in the heart of Plaka – the oldest district at Central Athens and arguably the most commercialised yet the nicest neighbourhood still.

Address18 Nikodimou Street, Plaka, Athens, Athina 105 57, Greece

Phone+30 21 0337 0000

A short walk away are the restaurants and shopping centres. My personal favourite was dining and sitting in at the tavernas. It breathes authentic Grecian culture and vibe.


I personally like to take home souvenirs especially from new places I’m visiting. I would recommend buying in Athens because the islands where we went next have tripled  prices for the similar items.



As I was an Architecture student, I learned that infrastructures and its history says a lot about the country’s identity. I am very much in awe that Greece is still preserving some of their most treasured sites which dates back since 421 BC.


If I were a history geek, Athens is most definitely the place to be. Did you know that they came first a thousand years before the Romans? The two civilisation both worshipped  gods and goddesses but were very different with regards to beliefs and  life values. Ancient Greeks focused on life on Earth and primarily on human’s personality traits – such as Love, Honor, Dignity and Hatred. While Romans, on the other hand, were more focused on actions rather than words. They believed in life after death and even hoped to transcend into a god if they have done well enough in life through bravery and strength in fighting their respective battles.


Athens – Mykonos is a very popular route that sell out well! It’s better to book your ferry ticket in advanced and save the hassle.  We departed from Athens port (Piraeus) at 7:00am and arrived after a 2hr 45m sea travel. It costed approximately 59 Euro one way. Here’s where you can book online: seajets.gr




Set in the heart of Mykonos town, this upscale minimalist hotel is worth every penny. A 100m downhill stroll and you are deep into the colourful town. Walking to your room from the lobby feels as if you are in a small greek village. It was smartly designed by not having much of a steep slope for the older people who would be checking-in. Best part is, their breakfast buffet which has a lot of food option to choose from is open from 6 to 11am – perfect for the not-so-morning persons.

AddressMykonos Town Rocharis, Mikonos 846 00, Greece
Phone+30 2289 027466



Have I mentioned that it was still Spring when we went there in May? It was sunny but the wind was really cold! But hey, Mykonos is one of the most beautiful islands that I’ve seen during this season!


Flowers were blooming everywhere! Now that I’ve revisited my Mykonos photo album, I suddenly remembered how colourful this island was. It’s such a beauty and the people were so warm and welcoming.


My boyfriend and I strolled a bit early during our 2nd Day in the island. We sipped on a hot chocolate and coffee in one of the tavernas facing the crystal clear waters of the beach. It was pure bliss people-watching while waves were gently crashing onto the shore and flock of birds repeatedly danced in the strong wind.




There was quite a trouble during our trip from Mykonos to Santorini. We had to take a different ferry boat and found out later on that the employees of the ferry company we booked online, if I’m not mistaken, was on a rally. With what’s the reason behind the rally, that we didn’t ask about anymore. 😀

But to be fair, everything still went pretty smooth! There was a van that picked us up  when we arrived in Santorini’s port , which usually was the case during our entire trip anyway. We arrived at our hotel and WOOWW the view was too remarkable It could already be the destination itself!



Located in Fira village, Agali Houses is a 5 star accommodation boasting an awesome panoramic view of the Aegean Sea. Everything was perfect except for the fact that you have to climb up and down the stairs every now and then, which I guess is a normal scene in Santorini.

AddressSantorini 847 00, Greece

Phone+30 21 0330 6012



We soaked up some sun in the hotel’s pool area while sippin’ on our cocktails. Being there was more than just a breathe of fresh air. I couldn’t put into words how stunning and serene Santorini was. Whoever started the trend of painting everything blue and white is a genius! 😀 There were a lot of scattered houses, busy hotels and establishments, but it did still look wonderfully organised because of the colour coordination.



After we had spent some time at the hotel, we then headed to Oia. It is perhaps the most popular of all villages in Santorini. It was about a 20 minute public bus ride from our hotel. I wish though I had taken the cliffside views while we were on our way,  but unfortunately it was crowded that we had to remain standing the whole time.


The iconic Blue domed churches, jaw dropping sunset, narrow streets, charming and traditional houses with widely opened verandas are what Oia Village is composed of. Not to mention the picturesque view over the volcano of Palia and Nea Kameni and the island of Thirassia.


Trivia: Santorini is a group of islands located in the Southern Aegean Sea. It is actually an active volcano which happens to be a Caldera – A large volcanic craters that was formed by an explosive volcanic eruption. Its last explosion took place in 1950, and although asleep, it still shows numerous minor effusive eruptions. 


I’d like to thank this whole crew for tagging me along to one of the most memorable trips I’ve had to date!


What do you think of Greece during Spring? Considering that there are other 224 inhabited Greek islands, which would you prefer visiting?

Comment below if you’ve also been!


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