Similan Islands

Phuket has evolved into one of the busiest destinations in Thailand over the past decade. Whether it is for trekking in the mountains, sunbathing on the shores of world-class beaches, or getting your rave on in the party hub that is Patong, this island has pretty much everything from relaxation down to entertainment. Out of curiosity in experiencing a bit of what it can offer first-hand, I flew in a heartbeat.
As you can see above, there are several beaches along the island’s coastline. To give you an idea of the distance, Patong Beach is approximately 40 minute drive from the airport without traffic congestion. As I was looking forward to immerse myself into nature’s tranquility, I opt to stay in Kata Beach; an hour away from the airport. Taxi rate was 900 THB one way.
Island tours may consume a whole day so be sure to allot enough time or otherwise you’d be missing one of the best parts of being at Phuket!
Here are the available Island Tours:
Phi Phi Islands
James Bond Island
Coral Island
Khai Islands
Krabi Islands
Phang Nga Bay
Raya Yai Island
Similan Islands
Surin Islands
Tachai Island
Out of 10 options, locals would agree that the two of the best day tours for snorkeling and diving is Phi Phi and Similan.
I went for Similan Islands.
Similan is composed of nine islands known for long white coral sand beaches, crystal clear blue waters and is home to a huge variety of marine life.
Tour duration: 12 hours
Tout Cost: 2200 – 2600 THB
Tour Itinerary:
06:00-07:00     Hotel Pick-up
09:00               Arrival at Pakarang Beach; Assembly for group arrangements
09:30               Departure by speedboat for a 60 minute trip to Similan Islands
                        Snorkeling in Koh Payu (Island no.7)
                        Swimming in Koh Miang (Island no.4)
                        Snorkeling in Koh Bangu (Island no.9)
                        Lunch Buffet by the beach
                        Swimming in Koh Similan (Island no.8)
                        and Trekking at Sail Rock Viewpoint
17:00               Arrival at Pakarang Beach
18:30-19:00     Arrival back at the hotel in Phuket
Similand Islands are not open for tours during the high tide season (May 16 – October 15)
 Overnight camp sites are also available for 4500 – 5500 THB

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